Government persists in ignoring the elephant in the room.

Young people out of a job and not receiving any training increase by 1,000 in Labour’s first year in Government

Government continues to ignore the elephant in the room. During Labour’s first year in Government the number of young people who are out of a job, are not receiving any form of education and are not in training, has increased from 4,800 to 5,800.

During last year’s election campaign, Joseph Muscat had guaranteed that with Labour, young people would be assured either a job, training placements or education. Not only has this promise not been fulfilled, but the number of young people out of a job, and who are not in training or education, has shot up by a 1,000 – a staggering 20% increase – in just twelve months. Hardly encouraging for young people.

Joseph Muscat’s job guarantee has so far only materialised for Labour’s inner circle of friends, while 1,000 more young people are now without training, education or employment. These 1,000 young people are surely not witnessing a better Malta.

On the eve of another election, Labour is now attempting to play the same game it pulled off a year ago.

Meanwhile, the Labour Government continues to divide and rule without reaching a consensus with the Opposition on a way forward to spur job creation and a stronger economy.

The Opposition has continuously expressed its willingness to contribute towards a national policy to catalyse job creation, however this Government has consistently refused to accept the Opposition’s offer to work together on such a sensitive sector, that affects the country’s economic and social well-being as a whole.  

The Nationalist Party fully supports all measures aimed at reducing youth unemployment and unemployment in general.

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